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Rebus Capital secures alternative finance for rapidly growing construction firm

Posted by: Danielle Moore at January 06, 2021

Heading & Associates is one of Australia’s leading surveying groups. They specialise in survey, construction supervision and project management, and property and environmental survey.

The firm has been in business for over 20 years, providing services for large infrastructure projects in NSW and Victoria. They also have a civil construction works business, which has expanded rapidly to include major projects in water, rail, construction and roading.

Heading & Associate’s vision, Conquer new boundaries, describes their commitment to lead by example, offer high performance, and deliver on their commitments to achieve outstanding solutions for their clients and stakeholders.

The challenge faced by Heading & Associates

Due to the rapid growth of their business, including a large portfolio of project development, Heading & Associates required additional working capital to cover their operating costs. Despite a strong and healthy track record in their sector, their existing bank was unhelpful in providing financial support. They also offered limited flexibility in their suggested options.

They turned to Rebus Capital Partners, who were prepared to invest time and energy in understanding Heading & Associates’ business and come up with a tailored solution for their unique requirements and specialist field.

Heading & Associates CEO, Maurice Heading, says “Rebus would go where the banks wouldn’t. They did a great job answering businesses’ needs better than the banks.”

The Rebus Capital Partners solution

Rebus Capital Partners recognise that the world of business is changeable and constantly evolving. That’s why they think around the edges and are tenacious about finding outcomes that fit their clients’ business needs perfectly.

Their business name is derived from that of a rebus puzzle, where letters, symbols and images combine to represent a word or concept. Rebus Capital Partners looks at business challenges as a puzzle, to be solved with different perspectives and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Applying this creative, yet practical, approach to funding for Heading & Associates, Rebus delivered a unique and flexible capital solution backed by exceptional service. Their commitment to meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients ensured mutual trust and respect.

Features of the Heading & Associates deal

Funding when their existing banks wouldn’t. Leveraging their network of carefully selected funders, Rebus provided capital financing that supported growth and improved Heading & Associates’ balance sheet efficiency.

Fast response times. Understanding the complexities and pressures of a growing business and the need for fast capital, Rebus acted quickly to hunt out the best funding solutions.

Personal relationships. Rebus doesn’t subscribe to the common philosophy of just ‘doing a deal’. They partnered closely with Heading & Associates to develop a deep understanding of their business, so they could deliver the best option both for this funding and possible future needs.

Passion. With Heading & Associates, the Rebus team were energised and tenacious about exploring all available options to deliver the best capital solution for their client.

Product and service choice. Rebus supports clients across corporate and specialised markets with capital advisory, asset and infrastructure funding, core debt and working capital, acquisition funding and debt restructuring, and financial modelling. With this broad scope of experience, they were able to provide the Optimal Capital Structure for Heading & Associates.

What Heading & Associates say

“They were so excited about the business. It’s so hard to find someone who is interested and sees the value in the business right away. They took the time to see what the needs were and moved quickly. We never lost time waiting for someone to pick up a file.” Maurice Heading – Heading & Associates CEO

Do you need flexible corporate finance? If you’re looking for corporate or specialist finance support, talk to Rebus Capital today.

Danielle Moore

The Trustee for the Rebus Capital Partners Unit Trust ABN 88 452 904 420. Authorised Credit Representative 523233 under Australian Credit Licence 536100.