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Floods highlight the need for financial support during tough times

Posted by: Danielle Moore at January 01, 2022

As Australians, we’re used to floods, fires, and drought. Nevertheless, our familiarity with natural disasters doesn’t make us immune from their impact.

We’ve just experienced the wettest November across the country since records began in 1900, with hailstorms, flash flooding, and overflowing dams in Tasmania, South Australia, regional NSW and Queensland. This has created some very challenging conditions.

While towns and suburbs have been impacted by recent flooding, farmers have been particularly hard hit. Near Forbes in Central NSW, for example, farmers along the Lachlan River are seeing devastating crop losses on the cusp of what promised to be a bumper harvest.

Making the fallout worse for farmers financially is that the growing costs of these crops are significantly higher due to the inflated costs of fertiliser and fuel. It’s not just farmers’ immediate crop that has been affected. Research shows that major floods affect not just the year of the disaster, but the following year too.

Still, Australians are known around the world as resilient and entrepreneurial – and our agricultural sector even more so. Even though we may be facing some challenging times, with forward planning the difficult outcomes can be avoided.

When you’re facing a complex situation, it’s great to get good financial support. In our experience, there’s a funding conversation for every situation. If you want to have an open and frank discussion about your financial future talk to us.

We’re all about offering choice and flexibility. We understand that everybody’s situation is unique and we’re here to safeguard your future security and support the opportunities in front of you.

Unlike a bank, we take the time to listen and come up with a plan that’s designed for you and the specific situation you’re in. If this resonates with you, we’d love to have a chat.

Image taken in Coonamble 2021 – harvesting a flooded crop  

Danielle Moore

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