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Rebus Capital secures finance for boutique brewery

Posted by: Danielle Moore at February 14, 2022

ScotPac Business Finance is Australia and New Zealand’s largest specialist SME lender. They have been supporting Australasian businesses with invoice, trade and asset finance and more recently Home Loans and Business Loans for business owners

They help businesses with business and trade finance solutions, including using business assets such as outstanding sales invoices to fund growth, overcome short term cash shortages, and support those wanting to take advantage of international markets.

With over 30 years of SME lending experience and a track record of structuring and funding complex and bespoke deals, ScotPac is known for their flexibility to fund deals when other business finance companies say no.

More than 80% of ScotPac’s new clients are referred by commercial finance brokers, accountants, banks, and other financial advisors, like Rebus Capital Partners. Their success hinges on involving decision makers early on and throughout the funding process.

The challenge faced by Rebus Capital’s client

Rebus Capital’s client was a boutique Australian brewery who had specialist brewing equipment currently under a rental agreement. They wished to purchase the plant outright and were seeking funding to refinance.

Given the bespoke nature of the client’s business and tight timing with the transfer of the security over the equipment, this deal needed all of the key elements to fall into place at exactly the right time.

Rebus and ScotPac had an existing business relationship and had facilitated several successful deals previously. Krissy Huxley from Rebus Capital approached Peter Ryan, one of ScotPac’s Asset Finance Business Development Managers, to help facilitate a capital funding solution for her client. ScotPac had done several deals with Rebus Capital and Peter wanted this one to be successful too.

It required ScotPac and Rebus to work collaboratively and think outside the norm to get this refinancing solution across the line for the client.

“Krissy’s client wanted to move from renting some specialist manufacturing equipment to purchasing it outright. It was challenging because we had to get the rental company to release security over the assets on settlement day. Plus, rental agreements in general can be challenging to refinance.” – Peter Ryan

The Rebus Capital solution

Krissy and Tom at Rebus Capital don’t subscribe to the common philosophy of just ‘doing a deal’. They invest time and energy in understanding each client’s unique business needs and tailoring a solution that fits best. They also work closely with finance partners to build meaningful and productive relationships for the long term.

Their business name is derived from that of a rebus puzzle, where letters, symbols and images combine to represent a word or concept. Rebus Capital Partners looks at business challenges as a puzzle, to be solved with different perspectives and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Applying this philosophy, Krissy approached Peter from ScotPac well ahead of time to discuss the client’s requirements and timing and how best to structure the deal. They agreed that obtaining a valuation of the client’s equipment up front would be valuable. Krissy arranged this and, when the expected value was confirmed, this helped smooth the approval process.

She also formed a good understanding of the client’s business and built a good rapport with them quickly. This helped her develop a comprehensive package of relevant information and present a compelling case to ScotPac, which helped secure the deal. She was also able to answer any questions immediately.

Because Krissy engaged with us early on, including arranging a valuation up front, this made the review and approval process more seamless. She also has really good relationship skills, so her client was highly engaged and answered any questions quickly. She put together a compelling case with all the required information, which made it easy for us to put the deal together.” – Peter Ryan

Positive outcome for the client

This collaboration between ScotPac and Rebus meant the client received their required refinancing valued at $1.1m. This enabled them to settle the rental agreement on their equipment and purchase it outright under a new agreement with ScotPac.

The critical timing was also achieved, and the rental company released security over the client’s assets just ahead of settlement day.

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